IT Application Services

Applications Development and Support

Many companies are burdened down by application maintenance costs which restrict innovation necessary for new business opportunities. We help our clients maximize their IT budgets and enhance the performance of their applications. Our methodology and processes assess your needs while balancing the business impact and costs of your applications.

9thNetworks helps you harness the value from all your applications by either stand-alone processes or fully integrated business systems; legacy application maintenance or innovative research and development programs. We help you reduce risk, improve operational controls and help you focus resources on your core business.

Our services help you maximize value and return:

  • Establishing baselines for your existing applications portfolio, your capabilities, capacity and costs, and matching it to your competition and sources of outsourcing opportunity.
  • Provider outreach and selection using sophisticated specification and benchmarking tools to precisely express and refine your application outsourcing requirements. We ensure you meet or exceed industry performance and cost standards.
  • Transition design and implementation services that blend organizations, management relationships, and technical platforms to deliver all of the benefits targeted at the outset of the application outsourcing engagement.
  • Developing new strategic approaches for provisioning your business systems based on your unique business needs, and our command of the outsourcing marketplace.
  • Negotiation and delivery of contracts that support sustainable relationships by ensuring risks and responsibilities are properly aligned as your organization evolves.